How are my New Years resolutions going?

We are now officially 5 months into the year, and for most of us we haven't even thought or stuck to 
our New Years resolutions. I know I'm usually one of them. This year I wanted to stick to them as 
best as I could and really focus on achieving them. I've still got a few that I'd like to achieve by the 
end of the year, but what I've achieved so far are the most important. 

My main resolution for 2019 was to take better care of my skin and have some treatments done to 
reduce my acne and scars. Right at the beginning of January I booked in a microdermabrasion session 
and after only 3 sessions my skin has improved immensely. Check out my blog post on my skin here.

In regards to my blog I wanted to buy my url, template and new header. I didn't know if I would 
get around to buying and doing all of these this year, but within a few months my blog has had a 
complete new makeup and name. I'm so proud with how far it's come in just a few months and can't 
wait to see how it evolves over the rest of the year. Another blogging goal of mine was to work with 
3 brands. So far I've worked with 2 brands that have both been amazing, and hopefully I'll get to 
work with more this year. 

One of the goals that I put on my list every year is to loose weight. Since I have PCOS I've put on a 
lot more that what I would like to admit. So far I've lost about 9lbs, which isn't a lot or as much as I 
would like, however it has made a small difference and hopefully I can work on loosing more.

The main resolution and goal for this year was to read more. Other than focusing on my skin, this is 
the other goal that was one of the most important. I set up my Goodreads account again, so I could 
take part in their reading challenge and become more motivated to read again. My goal for 2019 is to 
read 38 books and I'm slowly but surely making my way through them. 

In my resolutions I also include that I wanted to go abroad and do some more weekend/small trips. 
In a few weeks I'm going to Gran Canaria, and hopefully in July I'll be going to Rome. So far me 
and Liam have only done 1 weekend/small trip which was to Norfolk, but hopefully by the end of the 
year we will have done a few more. We'd really like to go to Bournemouth and back to London.

How are your New Years resolutions coming along?


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