Top 3 books of 2019 so far

One of my resolutions every New Years is to read more. This year I decided to focus and stick to 
my resolutions as much as I can. I started using my Goodreads account again (follow me to stay 
updated)  and set my goal for the 2019 reading challenge. My goal is 26 books, which is 1 book
every 1 weeks, and I think that's easily doable even if I am slightly behind. Since I've now grown
 into a bigger bookworm I wanted to share the top 3 books that I've read so far this year.

I love contemporary books, anything romantic and in the young adult genre. However there are a few 
books that catch my eye and sound really interesting which I will branch out of my comfort zone for.

I've had this book since it came out, but only got round to reading it last month. At first I was quite 
intimidated by the idea of this book, as it's all about feminism and I don't have any knowledge or 
experience in that area. Growing up I never heard the word feminism. It wasn't until recently that I 
learnt what it was and meant so this book really taught me a lot. This contains 52 women's opinions 
and experiences on what feminism means to them. Each extract/chapter is personal to that women. 
No matter what the chapter was about, or who wrote it I was able to relate to something they were 
talking about. There are very few books that I will read multiple times, but this is definitely one.

Gabbie is someone who I've recently started watching and after reading the description of her book 
I was definitely intrigued, especially since I've recently gotten into poetry. The day it arrived I sat 
and read it straight away as I was hooked instantly. This is written from the idea of feeling in between 
childhood and adulthood. Out of all the poetry I've read, this is the book I relate to the most. I found 
myself laughing and crying at the poems throughout. Each illustration is drawn by Gabbie herself, 
and matches the theme and message of the poem itself. Since I read this, I have found myself 
thinking about different poems throughout and I've even started writing my short poems.

After winning a kindle unlimited subscription from Mcdonalds monopoly, I chose the first book that
jumped out to me and started listening along to it. I don't know if it was because I was listening to the
book, but I was immediately hooked on the storyline. Each chapter became more intriguing and
pulled on my heartstrings even more. Janica meets Thomas late at night after saving his brother and
they end up falling in love but can love their love survive all the obstacles? This focuses on some
tough areas such as; child death, cancer, suicide and depression so please take that into consideration
before reading this. If you are looking for a classic chick-lit, romance that makes you feel all different
types of emotions then I highly recommend this book.

What is your favourite book of 2019 so far?


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