Revlon photoready candid collection

Being on social media, a lot (too much) throughout the day I was very surprised when I saw this in 
my local Boots, after seeing nothing about this online. This 3 piece collection launched October 15th 
internationally however only launched April 8th in the UK. I was really intrigued by this collection as 
it claims to be both flawless and natural, which are 2 words that don't usually go together. 

The natural finish anti-pollution foundation (£9.99) is a lot thicker than I presumed, however it does 
give a medium coverage whilst still looking natural due to the dewy and radiant finish. This is 
enriched with anti-pollution, antioxidants and anti-blue-light which help to protect and hydrate the 
skin. When on the skin this enhances your natural beauty, evens out any colour imperfections and 
looks beautiful. I think this will be perfect for those no-makeup makeup days during Summer. 

When looking at the shade range for the antioxidant concealer (£6.99), I was really shocked. 
There are only 4 shades available. When browsing the official Revlon website, there are 18 shades 
available. I'm hoping they are planning on releasing the entire shade range in the UK soon, but I am 
disappointed in the lack of shades available currently. I picked up the shade vanilla, which looked like 
it would match me the best, and thankfully it does. This aims to be full coverage and blendable, 
which I do agree with. This is defiantly medium-full coverage however if you want a more flawless 
coverage, it can get cakey very quickly. Using a light hand with this concealer is key.

I was most excited for the anti-pollution loose setting powder (£9.99), as I find loose powders very hit 
or miss. There was only 1 shade of this available, which is definitely targeted at people with light skin 
tones. This is super smooth and soft on the skin and sets the foundation and concealer in place all day 
long. A lot of loose powders I've tried don't lock the base products in and leave the cheeks products 
looking patchy and hard to blend, however this is the complete opposite. 

Overall I like and enjoy this new collection and love the finish it gives and looks on my skin however 
I am really disappointed with the lack of shades available. The foundation has 31 shades available 
however they are missing a lot of shades for fair-light and deep-dark skin skin tones. The concealer 
currently only has 4 shades available in the UK, and are lacking shades for all different skin tones. 
The powder claims to be translucent however the shade I picked up (the only shade available in the 
UK), is targeted at people with fair to light skin tones. 

Since we are in 2019, I find it really difficult and upsetting when brands don't have shades to 
match all skin tones. I truly hope that the rest of the shades become available in the UK, as well
 as more shades being developed so people with all skin tones can use and wear this collection.

These can be found at Boots or Superdrug for online.


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