Beauty books for beginners

No matter where you go, both in person or online, there is always something to do with beauty 
and makeup. In this society and industry there is so much pressure to be the best and have perfect 
makeup all the time, but in reality that's not possible. We don't all have time to sit at home, practising 
the perfect cut crease with a sharp brow and bold lip. Makeup books are something that I have used 
to get a lot of my tips and tricks from. I'm still not perfect or do I think I am, but by using books and 
seeing how other people have progressed, gives hope that all of us can do it. 

Since I have gained a lot of my tips and tricks as well as knowledge about makeup and all things 
beauty, I wanted to share the best beauty books for beginners as a guide to all your information. 

The first makeup book that I ever got was the Makeup your mind by François Nars. I was gifted this 
for a birthday and loved it, as I could practice and replicate looks with my own products. Out of all 
the makeup books I own this is the one that I recommend the most, as it's purely makeup based and is 
perfect for those who want to become more creative and experimental. 

When I think of makeup artists, I always think of Nic and Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo. I was 
really excited when I saw they had released books targeted at specific areas of beauty, whether that 
be makeup or skin. I picked up the Pixiwoo Face and Pixiwoo Perfect Skin. The Face book includes 
all techniques for creating any and every look on the face and also eyes (although they have a book 
specifically targeted for eyes). Their Skin book focuses on identifying your skin type, skincare and 
how to make sure your makeup work for you and look it's best.

Tanya Burr is someone who I have watched for years and loved her story for being in the makeup 
industry and also the looks that she creates. Love Tanya is the first book that she wrote, and focuses 
on everything she loves and has experienced throughout her life. One of the major sections in there is 
beauty. Covering everything from; skincare, makeup to hair and nails. Each chapter goes into depth 
on routines, recommended products, tips and tricks as well as do and don'ts. This is a great book for 
those who are getting into makeup and beauty as it's an easy read for those who don't have any 
previous experiences or knowledge of this industry.

One of the OG (original) British YouTubers that that I think of is Fleur De Force. She has grown on 
Youtube, from making videos on a webcam to creating a lipstick with MAC and starting a family. In 
her career she has also created and wrote 2 book; The Glam Guide and The Luxe Life. The Glam 
Guide is more beauty based, including application tips and what will work for you. The Luxe Life is 
targeted at those who want to create more high-end looks and make the most out of all the makeup 
you already have and those that love the luxury end of beauty. 

All beauty and makeup books can be helpful for beginners, however these are the books
 that I think are most helpful and have the best techniques for those just starting out.



  1. I love 'Love Tanya', but haven't read any of the others before. I would love to read Fleur's books though, she is fab! Thanks for sharing x

    Natasha / Twice the talk x

    1. So glad you liked it! Love Tanya is amazing! x

  2. Definitely going to check these out.

    Candice x