The best face masks in my collection

Face masks are my all time favourite product to use. You get to pamper yourself and see results 
instantly, to know whether the mask has worked or not. As they are my favourite product, I own 
quite a lot of masks. Too many masks in fact. Since I love a good pamper night and I think everyone 
should have a night in treating themselves and relaxing, I wanted to share my favourites masks that 
I have tried and are in my collection so all of you, can try and love them as much as me.

My all time favourite face mask is the Boots Essentials cucumber clay mask. The formula and quality 
has stayed the same, despite the name changing. This helps to draw out any impurities, cleansing and 
toning the skin without leaving your skin feeling irritated or red. It says to leave on for 3 minutes and 
wash off, however I leave on until is has dried and it works even better.

It's not very often I fall in love with a peel off mask, as I find a lot of them don't work and don't 
draw out any impurities. The 7th Heaven charcoal peel off and Misfit blackhead extraction paste are 
the acceptation of this. I apply a small, thin layer of these all over my face and all of the dirt and 
bacteria in my pores is drawn out and immediately unclogged. I often just put this on my nose and 
chin so remove any blackheads. Both work perfectly and are great for spot and blackhead prone skin.

I am such a huge fan of the Loreal pure clay masks but my favourite has to be the blemish rescue 
mask as it has the most affects on and for my skin. This particular mask is aimed at clear any 
imperfections and cleanse deep into the pores, whilst leaving the skin feeling fresh. Out of all the 
masks that I use and have in my collection, this is the one that I gravitate towards the most as I love 
the way it makes my skin not only look but also feel after using it.

When my skin is feeling dry and dull I always gravitate towards the Garnier moisture bomb tissue 
mask's. I love using these because not only is a sheet mask easy to use but also because you can 
actually feel all the moisture and nourishment going into skin, compared to other masks that claim 
to do the same but don't leave you face feeling any different. My favourite is the pomegranate mask.

What are your favourite face masks?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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