What I'm loving in the month of March

It seems like it took so long to get to March, yet now it's over with just a blink. March is one of my
favourite months, because it's my birthday as well as Liam's, it's the start of Spring and everyone just
seems to be happier as the sun is out more often. Yet now it's over. However we are getting closer to
the Summer which means bbq's and warm days (hopefully). This month I've mainly fell in love with
more skincare items rather than makeup, but they will be staples in my routine for a long time.

Maybelline dream urban cover foundation
This has been my go to foundation throughout March. It is super lightweight yet medium-full
coverage which is what I like in a foundation. It blends super easily and leaves my skin looking
naturally flawless. I don't look or feel cakey and it makes me look more radiant throughout the day.
This is aimed and marketed at normal/dry skin however I think it would work for oily skin too. 

I received this in my latest Look Fantastic beauty box and was really excited after hearing such great
reviews about this. I started using this straight away and have fell in love with it this month, and even
look forward to my night time skin care routine so I can use this.  This is targeted to help smooth,
soften and plump the skin, giving it a much healthier appearance. I don't know necessarily if it has
plumped my skin, but it has definitely helped to soften and reduce the redness on my cheeks. 

After having this in my drawers for months, I decided to give it a go after have quite sore boobs
 and wondering if this would help. This is super smooth and soft on the chest without being heavy
 or sticky which and feels like I'm using luxury skincare. My boobs defiantly feel less sore and tender
as well as soft and nourished. I've only been using this for a few weeks, but this is also said to help
target the look and appearance of ageing to give a more youthful look. 

For the longest time I have really used enjoying using facial spritz's to help stay refreshed and
hydrated throughout the day, but this month I've started using them in my night time routine. This is
the step I most look forward to as it instantly refreshes my skin and adds moisture back in, especially
since I have dry skin. I've been using this all month and I can already see a difference in my skin and
how it feels. I can't wait to see how it works the longer I use it, especially as it gets warmer. 

MUA primer oil with gold flakes
Last month I picked up this new MUA primer in Superdrug as I was really intrigued by the gold
flakes and that it looked very similar to the Geurlain radiance face primer which retails for over
£40. Since I haven't tried out that primer, I can't compare however I can confirm that this primer is
incredible. Since this is an oil it is extremely hydrating which I wouldn't recommend to those with
oily skin. The gold flakes add a luminous and dewy finish to the skin, which looks incredible when
a dewy finish foundation is worn over the top for that ultimate glowy base.

What are your monthly favourites?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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