Zoella beauty fruits collection

Out of all of Zoella's past beauty launches, this is one that I wasn't too bothered about, as my first
thought was that it was aimed at the younger audience. Something about the packaging, looks more
illustrated and cartoon like, which isn't something that appealed to me. I decided to order it anyway,
not just to do a review on for all of you but also because I wanted to give it a chance, despite my
initial judgement. Needless to say I'm impressed and can't wait to use them more.

This almost feels like an end of an era, as Zoe has just announced that apart from her 2019 Christmas
range, this will be the last launch for Zoella Beauty. It's been 5 well loved years and I think we've all
tired her products out at some point, and discovered new scents or products that we didn't know we
would like and fell in love with. I will definitely miss seeing her new releases and looking forward to
trying them out for myself, but I can't wait to see what the future holds for her and her business.

"The perfect blend of fruits to create a fruit cocktail spritz"
When I first saw the name for this (Fruit Medley) I was sceptical as whether I would like the scent
because it doesn't have 1 specific undertone. I personally think this is more on the berry side rather
than a tropical scent, which is what I prefer. It's super light and airy so it's great for using on the go or
layering with other perfumes to mix it up a bit. Looking forward to using this in the warmer months.

"Enriched with banana extract to moisture the skin"
I was so excited when I saw this product in the new release photo, as I'm a huge fan of foam body
washes. I didn't quite know if I would like to banana scent but decided to give it a go anyway. The
banana scent is quite intense, and reminds me a lot of the foam banana sweets that you can get.
Despite not being my favourite scent I do still enjoy using this as it lathers up really quickly and
leaves my skin feeling super refreshed, hydrated and nourished due to the banana extract.

"Extracts of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry for antioxidants and kiwi seeds to buff"
This smells incredible, so good that I want to eat it! It has tiny sugar like grains in to help exfoliate,
 as well as being infused with kiwi seeds as they are a natural exfoliant. This lathers up perfectly on
the skin and leaves a soft scent behind, whilst exfoliating the skin gently and buffing away and dead
skin cells. I like to use this before and after I shave to make sure I have a clean and refreshed surface.

"A mouth watering sorbet that instantly absorbs and quenches thirsty skin"
It's very rare that I find a moisturiser or lotion that I enjoy using since a lot of them are really
heavy and sticky, so I was worried about how I was going to get along with this. As soon as I
applied it to my skin, it absorbed instantly, didn't feel sticky and also left a subtle peach smell that
isn't overwhelming. A little goes a long way with this and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated.

"Perfect for on the go. Use individually or mix together for your own unique scent"
This is the product I was most excited for, because I'm always in need of a rollerball and was looking
forward to the spring/summer scents. Berry medley smells like blackcurrant and raspberry which are
my favourite types of fruit, however the watermelon scent is my favourite since it's so juicy and
refreshing. Apricot and peach is the scent I was least excited about but one that I will definitely be
taking on holiday with me due to the light and uplifting scent that I can wear both day and night.

Buy the range for yourself from Superdrug or online at Feelunique.
All products range from £6-£9 and are both cruelty free and vegan.


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