Sentimental gift ideas for Christmas

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The best types of gifts are those that are handmade and those that are more sentimental. Throughout 
my time of giving gifts, a lot of those are handmade or personalised towards that person. I would 
much rather give and receive a gift that someone has took time out of their day to make and put 
more time and effort into them. Since I love giving gifts I often find myself struggling for ideas and 
inspiration on new ways to show my appreciation to others. This year I've found quite a lot of 
sentimental gift ideas and can't wait to see people's faces when they open them on Christmas.

This year I've bought a few personalised prints for people and they're the ones that I can't wait to 
give. At the moment I'm loving star prints that are created of the night sky on a day of your choice. I 
also love coordinates prints of a memorable place for that person. This year I've also created a family 
print using wellingtons, as it's super simple yet more meaningful than a store-bought gift.

A few years ago I did a jar of 100 reasons why I love you for both my mom and nan to show my 
appreciation towards them. I included inside jokes, thoughtful messages and personal traits I love. 
Everyday they picked out a reason and read it to put a smile on their face. This would also be a 
great gift for your partner, on any special occasion - not just Christmas. 

Jewellery is he best types of gifts for people who are hard to buy for. The majority of people 
will always wear at least 1 piece of jewellery, whether that's a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings. 
Notonthehighstreet and Etsy have the best selection of engraved jewellery, ranging from a small 
message on a necklace to initials on a ring. I had necklaces engraved with a message/quote that 
meant something to me and the person I was gifting them too.

For Liam's birthday I had a love book. This is a book that was completely customised as to reasons 
why I love Liam. The company that makes the love book also do love coupons that can be used 
whenever they like for a specific treat. This is a more unique gift that can last the whole year.

For Halloween I made bought a skull bucket and filled it with a bunch of chocolate, sweets and 2 
drinks that Liam loves as a random gift for him. I see a lot of treat buckets like this going around for 
all of the holiday's and a gift that goes down really well. This is, what I would describe as a, the 
perfect gift to give to someone on Christmas Eve, as it's super cosy and you can just sit down a 
watch a film with new pj's on, eating your sweets and chocolate from the treat bucket.


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