November favourites

November is over and December is here, and you know what that means, IT'S CHRISTMAS
TIME. This month has been pretty dull for me since I haven't done much, however it's gone quite
fast. Since it's now December I'm getting more excited for Christmas and looking forward to giving
everyone their presents. This month I'm going to Edinburgh for the Christmas markets and look
forward to spending time in a beautiful city with the person I love and coming back to family!

Urban Decay aphrodisiac palette
After lusting after this palette since it came out, I finally purchased it this month and have fell
head over heels in love with it. I love the Urban Decay mini palettes but they are so easy to use
and travel with, without the hassle of lugging around a huge palette. This is my favourite 'mini'
palette that Urban decay have done so far, as the colours are perfect and right up my street. These
are super smooth and beautifully pigmented. Check out my full review here.

I'm a huge fan of foam wash style shower gels but the Imperial Leather ones are particularly my
favourite. At the moment I'm loving the marshmallow scent because it's sweet but not overwhelming
and makes me feel super cosy when coming out of the shower. Because this is a foam it lathers up
super easily and also leaves the scent on your skin hours after using it. Check out my full review here.

Every month I get a new Look Fantastic box filled with a bunch of beauty items that I usually haven't tried. Included in one of the previous boxes was the Skin Chemists lip plump. This is aimed at giving plumper and fuller lips without the pain and hassle of fillers. I don't necessarily find that this plumps my lips, however it does leave them feel super nourished and moisturised and also glossy. This also works as a good base for lip liners and lipsticks, after I've applied it at the beginning of my makeup.

After loving the original Shaaanxo palette I knew I was going to love the remix palette. This has the
original 9 shades with an additional 9 shades that includes a hot pink. Because these have a lot of
neutral shades but also a few pops of colour it makes them super easy to wear and can be worn for
both day and night time. I'm looking forward to using this for my Christmas makeup look.

Lottie London blush crush - Zayn
Lottie London isn't a brand that I here a lot about, however I've fallen in love with their blushers. Not
only is each blush highly pigmented with great shades but they are also named after celebrities. Since
we're not in the last few weeks of Autumn (although it feels like Winter) and Christmas is coming, I
wanted to use a darker and warmer blush, but one that still compliments my skin tone. This particular
blush is a more antique rose shade, that will suit all different skin tones.

What are you November favourites?
Let me know in a comment down below.