24 days of Christmas films

There are so many Christmas films out there and so many that I consider my favourite. Every year 
I set out for the task to watch a Christmas movie everyday in December leading up to Christmas. This 
year I've wrote down a list of all of the Christmas movies I'm watching so I actually manage to watch 
them all. The main reason I like this idea and wanted to share it with you all is because I like the idea 
of us all watching the same film and sharing it on Twitter or Instagram with the #Leas24days.

Day 1 - Elf
Day 2 - The Grinch
Day 3 - Love Actually
Day 4 -  The Holiday
Day 5 - A Holiday Calendar
Day 6 - Deck the Halls
Day 7 - Home Alone
Day 8 - Home Alone 2
Day 9 - Four Christmas'
Day 10 - The Santa Clause
Day 11 - The Santa Clause 2
Day  12 - The Santa Clause 3
Day 13 - Miracle on 34th Street
Day 14 - Arthur Christmas
Day 15 - The Princess Switch
Day 16 - Christmas Detour
Day 17 - Natiivty 
Day 18 - Nativity 2
Day 19 - Nativity 3
Day 20 - Christmas with the Coopers
Day 21 - Christmas Inheritance 
Day 22 - A Christmas Prince
Day 23 - A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding
Day 24 - Christmas with the Kranks

What are you favourite Christmas films?
Let me know in a comment below.



  1. That is such a cute idea! My favourite has to be the holiday or home alone - they're just such classics for my family haha! I have never watched any of the Nativity films though so I really should try them this year. Great post!

    Emily | TwicetheTalk

    1. My favourite is Christmas with the Kranks! There's a new Nativity out at the moment so I definitely want to go and see that x