Revolution jewel jelly highlighters

Although I don't like to admit it, I do own way to much makeup. But that doesn't stop me from
buying more. My weakness it definitely highlighters, mainly because they're so pretty and sparkly.
I've been lusting after the Fars├íli jelly beam highlighter since I saw Nikkietutorials use it, however I
couldn't justify spending £34 on a highlighter that I didn't know if it would work on my skin or even
if I'd like it. I knew that it would be no time before Revolution released their own version for a
fraction of the price, and I was right!

I recently tried out a powder jelly highlighter from MUA (review here) so I was definitely intrigued
to see a highlight with an actual jelly texture. When I dipped my finger into these I expected to be
left with loads of excess product, however I was shocked to find how much pigment came from
such a little amount.

These are super smooth, allowing them to effortlessly glide onto the skin without clinging to the skin
and looking cakey. Each shade can be built up from a natural sheer look to an intense blinding glow.
I like to use these underneath my foundation to give a glow from within, as well as over the top of my
base products on my cheek bones, brow bone, nose and cupid bow to give me a more blinding glow.

I am constantly baffled by the high quality products that Revolution release and how often
they are being released. I look forward to seeing what products they release in the future and
can't wait to try them out for myself.

Dazzling - iced silver shimmer
Monumental - Gilded gold shimmer
Prestigious - Cool rose gold shimmer

Buy them here for £6 each.