How to start my day the productive way

I often tell myself tomorrow is going to be super productive, I'm going to get loads of stuff done
 and complete everything on my to-do list. Then it's the next day and I find myself either waking 
up later than I thought or watching a few too many films. I've found a few steps that help me to 
start of the day productively and truly get the most out of it. 

I was going to put this as: 'wake up before 9' however I realise for most people 9am is still early. For me, anything past 10am is a very long sleep. Don't get me wrong I'll still get things done, but an early start is definitely necessary in order to be productive and get everything done throughout the day.

No matter what the day or activity I always find myself writing a to-do list. There's something so satisfying about writing down everything that you need to get done and then checking the box when you've completed it. Whether you only have 3 tasks you want to get done that day or 30, its important to know everything you have to do in order to actually get them done. If you don't create a to-do list then you will find yourself procrastinating and getting distracted by little things. 

Nobody wants to do the boring, everyday tasks but we have to. By doing. those tasks first we get them out of the way and have room to take our time with the less hateful tasks. I usually start with the biggest task first and work my way down to the smallest. I would also suggest grouping the tasks together e.g. all the cleaning tasks go together and all the organising tasks go together - therefore you get more done without realising it and before you know it you've checked off half of your to-do list. 

Whether you're leaving the house or staying inside, it's important to get ready for the day. As soon 
as you wake up you should: shower, brush your teeth and hair and get dressed. Not only will this make you feel clean and refreshed but also accomplished for the day. Adding these to your to-do 
list and checking them off will also give you a head start without realising it. 

What are some things you do to be productive?
Let me know in the comments down below.


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