September favourites

I am beyond excited that it's officially Autumn and we're getting into the colder months of the year. However I can't believe it's now October and it's Halloween this month. This means that we are also getting close to December and Christmas. I am so excited I can't handle it. It also means that there are only 2 more months of monthly favourites before my 2018 favourites post. This year has gone by so fast, but I'm excited that we are finally in the Autumn season - I'm so ready for cold nights and thick jumpers. Although September has gone by super fast I have still managed to find some favourites of mine to show you all, and I definitely think that this month has some of the best favourites so far!

Revolution conceal and define foundation
This foundation has been all the rage and one of the biggest launches and talked about products
I've ever seen, especially from a drugstore. I love everything about this foundation; the applicator, finish, formula and coverage. I definitely think it's one of the best foundations to come from the drugstore in a long time. Check out my full in depth review here.

I've seen liquid primers in the makeup community for a while. I think the first one's I saw were from
Farsali, but there were probably more before that. I never understood it and always wondered how they kept your makeup lasting throughout the day. I recently picked up the unicorn elixir primer from Barry M, and have been loving using it in my foundation routine. This brightens, hydrates and smoothes out the skin leaving your makeup looking flawless and fresh throughout the day.

I am a huge fan of the Loreal brow artist pencils and was intrigued when I saw they had a new pencil to add to the collection. The high contour brow pencil is double ended - 1 end being a thinner version of their regular brow artist pencil and the other side being a cream highlighter to compliment that specific brow shade. I think I love using this more than the original brow artist pencil because this pencil is thinner which allows you to get a more precise and defined brow with extra definition.

When I bought this back in July, I thought this was going to be the same as my other cream shadows, but boy was I wrong! This is 10x better than any other cream eyeshadow I own or have tried. This has a flat doe foot applicator which helps to create a precise cut crease, whilst having a lightweight formula but also being a iridescent mixture of pink and gold. Out of all of the cream or powder shadows I own, this is definitely the most beautiful and most reflective on the lid.

Sunday Riley Luna night sleeping oil
I'm not a person who usually uses or buys expensive skincare, mainly because I can't afford too. But ever since my boyfriend kindly bought me the Lydia Elise Millen x Cult Beauty glow box (review here) I've been loving using the Sunday Riley Luna oil that came in it. I use 5 drops of this every night and it has definetely made an improvement to my skin, by adding more moisture and hydration into it which I was lacking due to my dry skin. I also love this because it's blue which makes me feel like a smurf, but love how it makes my skin look and feel more!