Revolution X Sophdoesnails palette comparison

Sophdoesnails (but not really anymore) is a huge YouTube hit and has over 600,000 subscribers on her channel. She has collaborated with Revolution (formally known as Makeup Revolution), twice to create 2 eye shadow palettes, 1 highlighter palette and 3 nude lipsticks. Sophie has worked closely with Revolution, for years and finally had a chance at creating her own products with them 10 months ago and then again 1 month ago. I own all of her products that she has made with Revolution and can't wait to see what else she can and will create in the future. 

Each palette was created by Sophie herself and has handpicked shades and names. All the 
shades are highly pigmented and have a consistent formula, that are easily bendable and 
perfect to layer on top of one another. 

Sophie's first collaboration with Revolution, alongside an 8 shade highlighter palette. This palette
 has 24 unique and versatile shades that suit all different skin tones. Each shade and name was 
created by Sophie herself. This is described as being the palette to create any look from day to 
night by having; light shimmers, warm browns, rich golds, rusty oranges, dark smokey shades 
and even a pop of colour, with 14 matte and 10 shimmer shades. This has a matte nude case with a rose gold embossed signature as it's unique and simple packaging.

This is Sophie's second collaboration with Revolution alongside 3 nude toned lipsticks. This palette has 18 handpicked shades with a variety of shimmers and mattes that suit everyone with all different skin tones. This has shimmers, warm and cool toned shades along with similar pops of colour like the original. This palette has a rose gold front with a matte nude signature by Sophie.

The first palette that Sophie created has an extra row of 6 shades with the shade names on a laminated sheet. Where as the extra spice palette has larger pans for the shadows and their names embossed underneath. The original palette has more basic shades that can create any look. However the extra spice palette has more bold and bright shades that Sophie described as being the extra spice of colour needed in your makeup collection.

I personally prefer the extra spice palette as they have more warm toned neutrals and bold shades 
that I enjoy wearing and using to create new looks. My favourite shades are; twenty one, LA sun, drams, vitamin C, sweet n sour and running late. These shades suit any season, but I can't wait 
to use this palette during Autumn.

What palette do you prefer?
Let me know in a comment below. 


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