That time of the month routine

Once a month we get greeted by a friend who nobody likes and they decide to visit us for
over 40 years. That friend is our period. Periods suck - nobody likes them and they make us
feel awful. Since we have a period once a month for 40 odd years, I think it's important to
establish a routine, for that time of the month. 

The overall aspect of my routine consists of finding the right sanitary products, pampering 
myself and relaxing. However I wanted to share my routine of just 1 day. But the 1 day that 
is giving me the worst cramps and aches all over my body, which might help some of you 
to feel better when that time of the month rolls around again. 

The worst day of my period for me is usually day 2 and 3. I get awful cramps, back ache, sometimes my skin gets worst and all I want to do is spend the whole day in bed eating junk food and chocolate.

On days like this I start of with a hot bubble bath to relieve any aches in my muscles. I like to use bubble bath, bath bombs, salts and fizzes to make it a zen and calming time to destress and forget about all the stress and worries going on in my life. I usually take my phone in the bath to catch up on YouTube videos, but I mainly recommend grabbing a book or your favourite magazine to read. 

Whilst I'm in the bath I like to make sure I treat my entire body. So I exfoliate, shave and use a 
thick and luxurious hair mask to condition my hair. After the bath I do a face mask to help clear 
up my skin since I am usually breaking out around this time. I also paint my toenails (I get acrylics)
 a hot pink colour with a glitter over the top, to make me feel extra girly and pampered! 

I like to make sure that I stay hydrated and refreshed through my period by drinking lots of water,
 but also by making sure I get the correct amount of sleep and make sure I stay rested. 

The main thing to remember for that time of the month is to remember what makes you happy and makes you feel relaxed and calm. Get to know your body in order to establish an appropriate routine. 


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