Revolution favourites

Revolution is a brand that is constantly creating new products, more often than any other brand. I can't remember a month that has gone by where there isn't a new product on the market from Revolution. Being the huge makeup lover I am, I love finding brands and products that are affordable and once I do, I tend to go bit crazy and buy everything. Since I have quite a few products from Revolution, I wanted to share my favourite items from them with you! 

Revolution, formally known as Makeup Revolution, has 4 brands under it's wing; Revolution, Revolution Pro, I Heart Makeup and Obsession. Each brand is super affordable and has a price 
point of £1-£61. They have everything from colour correctors to eyebrow cushions to a makeup eraser towel. My favourite thing about the brand is that they truly cater to everyone's needs, whether that be skin type or skin tone with their incredible shade range and quality of their products.

Conceal and define concealer - £4
This has a 25 colour shade range with cool, warm and neutral undertones. This has a
lightweight creamy formula whilst being full coverage, buildable and easily bendable.

Fast base foundation - £5
This has an 18 colour shade range with warm, cool and neutral undertones. This is a
creamy, buildable and full coverage foundation that suits all skin types.

Full cover camoflague (pro) - £7
A seamless and lightweight blend with a full coverage finish.

Hylaruonix makeup fix - £6
A gentle and even spritz that soaks into the skin to leave your makeup looking
flawless. Contains sodium hyaluronate to plump and refresh the skin.

Liquid highlight - starlight - £6
This has a pink toned gold finish that blends evenly and effortlessly leaving an intense
dewy look on the skin. My favourite out of all the liquid highlighters.

Ingot highlight (platinum) - £4
A light and sheer powder highlight with a stark white finish. This reflects light from
the skin when applied evenly to the cheekbones and centre of the face.

Sophie's first and second collaboration with Revolution, with handpicked shades
perfect for all skin tones. These are highly pigmented and blend easily on the lid.

What are your favourite Revolution products?
Let me know in a comment below.



  1. I absolutely love revolution; I think it is my favourite brand! I definitely love the soph collections too, and wear her highlight palette everyday. I also love the concealer too, it is so good for the price. Great post x
    Natasha |

    1. Thank you! They're definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands x