Blogging goals for 2018

Setting yourself goals is important in life, whether that be personally, in your work life or relationship. You should always strive towards being the best version of yourself. I have goals in all aspects of my life but I find I always forget to set my goals for my blog. Despite being half way through the year, I still wanted to share a few of my goals for the next 6 months of the year!

One of my main goals for blogging is to reach 50,000 views. July 21st is the celebration of my 
4th year of blogging and as much as I would love to have this be my job, setting smaller goals is where I'm at. Although the amount of views I have doesn't define my blog or make me love this
 even more 50,000 views would be a great milestone to hit.

Another goal I have set myself is to work and collaborate with a brand this year. I love creating
content for my blog and my social media accounts, and would love to share more brands and products with your all, whilst getting the opportunity to work with different companies.

My last goal for this year is connected to my blog but is mainly about my Instagram. Being in the 21st century and in the current society, social media is a huge part in our lives so much so it can be our jobs. I would love to grow my Instagram and gain more followers. Not just for the numbers, but to share my passion for beauty and everything else with more people.

What are your goals for the rest of 2018?
Let me know in a comment below.