What to do this summer

In the UK, at the moment, we are so fortunate to be having a lovely start to the Summer however I'm ready for a bit of rain now (as I'm writing this it's been over 50 days since it rained). Despite this I 
am enjoying going out any doing more things in the heat such as; strawberry picking and taking family out to the zoo. Since I'm taking advantage of the warm weather, I wanted to make a list for myself to look back at or for you guys to get ideas of what to do this Summer. 

Strawberry picking
Go for milkshakes
Safari park
Go on a walk
Food show
Visit a museum 
Reading challenge
Explore a new town
See a local band
Go to the beach
Play board games
Long drive
At home spa
Mini golf

What are you doing this Summer?
Let me know in a comment below.


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