Confessions of a blogger

Being a blogger, you would think that my life is all glitz and glams. Reality check, it's not.
No matter how much I wish it was! Bloggers are pegged as being, dressed to the nine's, ready for
any photo, Givenchy handbag collectors, who go to blogging events on the daily. Oh how I wish for it to be like that. In reality we create things to make ourselves look like that. Blogging has opened my eyes up to the true society that we live in and how the community is amongst us. 

I wanted to share some confessions of a blogger, to share an insight into what our
lives our really like and show you our true selves. 

 I get writers block all the time
Never going to or being invited to an event
95% of us aren't getting paid (including me)
Setting up a flat lay, just for the gram
Constantly weary of what we put online
I'm absolutely crap at taking photos
Caring about the reaction from others
Getting emails from brands is still a big deal
Scared of not being authentic and true to myself
Striving for my blog to take off and doing it full time
My confidence is a lot lower than what I portray online
Spending the entire day stressing about having perfect photo lighting
What you see on Instagram isn't what I'm actually doing currently


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