Shop my - primers and setting sprays

Shop my stash posts and videos were all the rage a few years ago, but I wanted to bring them back and put my own spin on them. These posts were always about rekindling your love for products that you always own and in theory are shopping your makeup collection. I wanted to switch it round and share each individual part of my collection and for you to shop my stash and find products that you might love. In other words brief reviews on each product in my makeup collection. 


Primers are something that I use every day without fail, and if I ever did forget to apply my 
primer I would 100% start my makeup all over again. I always make sure to use a pore filling
primer and then top it off with a primer that suits my face for that specific day. At the moment
I am using the Lottie London Insta filler pore eraser stick all over my pores and using a mixture
of the Loreal infallible primer for luminising and anti fatigue, to make me look more refreshed. 


All setting sprays do the same to me. The only thing that makes each one different is
the scent and how they spray onto your face. At the minute I'm using the Rimmel Insta fix 
and go, but I really enjoy using any of the setting sprays from Revolution.


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