The Ordinary haul

The Ordinary has been a highly raved about brand for a while now, and after researching into 
the brand I decided to pick up a few products for myself. The Ordinary has been featured in 
Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times and many more, whilst being described as 'The 
hottest beauty company right now'.

I picked up my products from Deciem as they had all the products I wanted in stock. I mainly
 wanted to try and test out their foundations and the highly loved peeling solution. Whilst on the website I also noticed they had 2 primers, which I purchased to test out for myself. I have been
 using these over the past month, and have been loving them so I will definitely be purchasing 
some more products from them in the future. 

A lightweight serum formula, with a medium coverage that looks natural on the skin. 
This sits on the skin, looking even without collecting in fine lines or on dry patches. This 
has a semi-matte finish and looks natural on the skin due to the lightweight serum formula. 

A highly pigmented foundation that is available in 21 shades and is silicone free. This is
lightweight and smoothing, helping the skin to look youthful. This has a semi-matte finish,
whilst looking natural on the skin without settling into any fine lines and wrinkles.

A lightweight formula that apply's evenly to the skin to avoid the collection and settling of 
pigments around the eyes or on dry skin. This acts as a non-oily, hydrating primer that
 gives the skin a natural dewy finish.

This silicone primer hydrates and blurs the skin, presenting the makeup with a matte base.
Used underneath makeup this non-greasy primer reduces the look of pores and imperfections. 

 A mixture of acids, vitamins, black carrot and Tasmanian pepperberry, this creates an peeling solution acid to brighten and even out your skin. This offers deep exfoliation, improves the 
skins texture as well as reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Have you tried any The Ordinary products?
Let me know in a comment down below.