2018 Spring makeup

Spring is one of my favourite seasons for makeup. There are endless amount of soft, glowy,
pastel looks that you can create. Spring for me is the time for light and radiant makeup to make
me look refreshed and as natural as possible. I've used the best products that I have in order to
create the perfect spring makeup look.

The Loreal life's a peach blush on the cheeks, warms up the cheeks whilst adding colour and a subtle glow. A light blend of Barry M duvet day on the eyelids, gives the affect that you're refreshed and awake. I love to make my lips look plumped and glossy which the Pixi by Petra lip lift max achieves that. Finishing off with the Loreal brow xpert to define and shape my brows.


  1. I agree...I always change my makeup in spring:) Love the La Vie En Glow palette....so pretty:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. Definitely my favourite time of year for makeup looks 💖