Birthday gift ideas - women

This time of year is all about birthdays for me, especially for March. No matter who's birthday it is I always struggle with ideas of what to get people. I always end up looking up ideas and get stuck in a cycle of the same items. I wanted to do a blog post on my top 5 ideas of birthday gifts for women. 

The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for gifts is the person themselves
and their personality. Personal and meaningful gifts are best received.

This post is in collaboration with Ashlee Lauren Prints, whom has her own Etsy shop and creates the most amazing prints. When it comes to birthdays I really appreciate giving and receiving personal presents such as prints and items that have been engraved. Since Friends is now available on Netflix in the UK, there are so many people becoming even more obsessed with the show. Ashlee Lauren very kindly sent me a selection of Friends prints including the apartment layout!

When I comes to shopping for women, I always find that jewellery is the perfect option if you don't know what to get. Pandora is the perfect combination of luxury and affordability. They offer a piece of jewellery that will suit everyone ranging from; bracelet charms, earrings, rings and necklaces. I love their locket necklaces as they are customisable, with charms that are suited for the persons personality. This creates a personal piece of jewellery that can be treasured forever. 

There are some women who aren't the biggest fan in jewellery or beauty, and are very hard to 

shop for. For women like this (e.g. my mom) I think about items that she has mentioned in conversations or a day-to-day object that needs updating. Planners and notebooks are something
that everyone needs, especially for people whom are working busy lives. I've had a personal planner before and loved using it. You can personalise the cover and custom the inside of the planner
from their selection of layouts and inserts.

Design your own perfume
Experience days are incredible gifts to receive. A lot of people think that experience days are just trips to spas and meals out, but they have some amazing opportunities that you wouldn't even imagine. When browsing the Virgin experiences website I came across a design your own perfume day, which is perfect for everyone. Scents can enhance memories, so what better than a fragrance you created. The would be the perfect gift for birthdays or if you're getting married soon!

Personalised Yankee Candle
There are some people in life whom genuinely don't want anything materialistic, aren't interested in their birthdays or don't know what they want. For women like this candles are the go to. Yankee Candle have released a range of scents that can be personalised with an image of your choice. I love gifting these to the women who have everything or the hard to buy women.