Random acts of kindness

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There are so many bad things and events currently happening in the world, that we never focus on 
the good. Whether that be throughout the world or things we have done in our personal lives. There are things we all do on a daily basis that are randoms acts of kindness that show that we care, even if it is as simple as holding a door open for someone or telling a stranger that they look 
really nice today. The smalls things make the biggest differences. 

I've done a post previously on acts of love, which is similar to acts 
of kindness but I wanted to share them anyway! 

Hold a door open for someone
Volunteer at care centre
Offer your advice
Smile at people walking past
Give someone a compliment
Create care packages
Help out at a animal shelter
Donate to charities
Help with others shopping
Bring your neighbours bin in 
Donate your unwanted things
Offer your time
Give money to the homeless
Foster a pet
Run a marathon


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