Makeup Revolution star sign lip glosses

Astrology, horoscopes and star signs are a hit or miss with people. You even believe in them or you don't - kind of a marmite (love it or hate it) situation. My birthday is March 24th which means that I'm an Aries. An Aries is said to be courageous and determined but also short tempered and moody. I am definitely an Aries, and I do believe in horoscopes. However I don't believe in daily horoscopes as it is unrealistic the everything will come true. 

Enough about my star sign and more about the star sign collection. Makeup Revolution released a collection called my sign, including 12 lip glosses, 4 lip gloss sets, 12 mini eyeshadow palettes and 4 larger eyeshadow palettes, which range from £3-£6 and can be found in Superdrug and Tambeauty
I decided to pick up the 4 lip gloss sets named after each element in order to try out each shade.

These are described as lip glosses due to the formula and finish, however the pigmentation is 
a lot like a liquid lipstick. Each shade is designed and inspired by each star sign, in order to 
create a new and unique shade suited for you. 

There are 12 shades named after each start sign, and is inspired from that. The 12 shades range
from light to dark, with the majority being pink, rose and nude based allowing them to be
 more natural and worn on a daily basis.

As these are labelled as lip glosses it means they do have a tacky and sticky texture, whilst having
 the pigmentation of a liquid lipstick. These can be worn over a lipstick for a more high quality
look, or on their own for a sheer finish.

If you are after lipgloss that suits your personality, then I would highly recommend these. 
There is definitely a shade that suits you and your personality.

Leo (fire) - deep burgundy
Sagittarius (fire) - dusty rose
Libra (air) - 90's nude
Virgo (earth) - deep peach
Gemini (air) - rose pink
Capricorn (earth) - cool tone brown
Pisces (water) - nude peach
Aquarius (air) - rosy apricot
Aries (fire) - light rose 
Cancer (water) - classic nude
Taurus (earth) - light orchid
Scorpio (water) -  sandy nude


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