Spring essentials

Spring has officially sprung. Hopefully this means no more snow and the flowers are going to bloom. Probably not because we do live in England. I know winter only started a few days before Christmas (officially), but it seemed to last forever. My favourite season is Autumn, but spring is my next favourite. Not too warm, not too cold - just right. I can't wait to see all the flowers blooming and
the new baby animals being born. That it what spring is truly about.

Every season I do an 'essentials' post, where I feature 5 items that are the seasons must
haves. Spring is usually time to get prepared for Summer. Starting with a floral perfume,
bronzed skin and a light airy feel to your fashion.

Gucci bloom perfume
Spring is the time to start wearing light floral scents, which is why I love the Gucci bloom perfume. This has notes of tuberose absolute, jasmine bud extract and rangoon creeper which mix together to create a rich, white floral scent, making it perfect for spring time. As it is a light weight fragrance, it makes it super wearable for daily use and transitioning from winter to spring.

Although Summer is the time of year when I want glowy and dewy skin with glossy lips, I do like to start including Summer trends into my Spring look. The Kiko 3D lipgloss it perfect for that as it is a gloss but isn't super intense to wear everyday. The light glitter essence throughout, helps to make your lips look fuller and more plump than normal. Definitely a must have for Spring.

Highlighter is my favourite makeup item. I love wearing it year round. I especially love it in the spring and summer months, because you can go truly overboard without looking crazy. My perfect highlighter for spring time, is the Kiko glow fusion highlighter in 01 champagne, as it compliments the skin and looks naturally radiant. Like you are glowing from within.

Loreal back to bronze bronzer
Loreal have recently released a new makeup range (blog post coming soon) and I'm loving everything in it, especially the bronzer. If you are anything like me, then you will know the struggle of being pale. I can be in extreme heat and directly in the sun, but I still wont tan. This means that I have to fake it, with bronzer. However because I am so pale, it can be quite hard to find a shade that suits me. The new Loreal back to bronze bronzer, is the perfect shade for me. It compliments the skin and makes it look radiant, whilst being as natural as possible!

Lush sleepy lotion
Despite this being a body lotion used for helping you sleep, however I think it's an essential for spring. This is enriched with lavender, making it a soothing and calming body lotion. Lavender is a scent used for relaxation and de-stressing, which works perfectly in a moisturising body lotion all over the skin. I love to use this on my arms, chest and neck for a soothing and refreshed feel.



  1. The lush sleepy body lotion is one of my favourites! Personally, I haven’t found that it’s helped me sleep, but it leaves my skin feeling good and smells amazing! xx

    Jasmine | http://jasminelaurenfancy.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I didn't think it could help me sleep but it did, I even tested it out on my boyfriend and he loves it x