Current favourite makeup products

Beauty is my main hobby and is something that I am so passionate about. This means that I purchase and test out a bunch of makeup items, which then leads to me loving a bunch of new items. Since there are so many products I wanted to share them with you all in an individual post rather than a monthly favourites, especially since it is all makeup! Most of these makeup items have been featured in my huge makeup haul post or have a dedicated post about them.

I picked this up recently after running out of the Benefit porefessional primer. Since I loved the illuminating primer from Loreal I thought this would tie me over until I bought another Benefit primer. Since then I have used this every time I've done my makeup. This starts off quite liquidy on the skin but becomes more tacky when blended into the face, which fills in your pores. Nothing can compare to my Benefit porefessional but this is definitely a new favourite.

I don't remember when I purchased this, but I also don't remember the last time I used a different foundation other than this. This has medium-full coverage and leaves the skin feeling glowy and radiant. I love using this on a daily basis to help me achieve my desired look. There are so many foundations that I love and have tried since my love for makeup began, but this is one of my current favourites for day to day use. 

For years I have been using the MUA mosaic blush, and I decided to try this out randomly one day and fell in love and have used it everyday since. This blush is a bright rosey toned pink with a light shimmer running throughout. This is super pigmented but looks beautiful when blended on the skin. 

I always use the same highlighters, but I have been loving using this highlighter over the top to add an extra glow and a natural radiance to my skin. Since this is such a light powder, it makes it easier to gain control for precise application. I love using this on my cheeks and down my nose! 

A mascara primer is a step in my makeup routine that I never miss. All of the mascara primers I have tried, have plastic wands which I don't like. This mascara however has a bristle wand which I prefer. This wand and mascara works perfectly together in order to create a base for the regular mascara. However this is very easy to become clumpy due to the bristle wand, but is still a favourite!

I have been loving a simple eye look for day to day, rather than a heavy bold eyeshadow look. The Barry M crushed jewels eye shadow in duvet day, is a champagne shade that compliments any makeup look. I am loving this eye shadow recently,  because it is such a basic shade that goes with every makeup look and adds an extra 'something special' to your look. 

I have been loving this Kiko lipgloss recently. It is a super light pink gloss with a pink glitter throughout. I love this because it adds an extra 'pop' to your lips, but doesn't make you look like you're going to a festival! I've been loving wearing this over top of a rose toned lipstick.