Stephen Hawking

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Part of life is the passing of people. Today marks many events across the world, but the unfortunately also the death of Professor Stephen William Hawking, being one of them. Not only was Stephen a scientist but a son, father, nephew, grandad, friend and true inspiration to many worldwide. I wanted to dedicate a post to Stephen, his legacy and what he means to me, being the wonder that he was.

Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease whilst at university, when he was only 21 and was given a life expectancy of only 2 years. Despite this he remained positive and finished University. He would later prove medical history and science wrong by living for a further 55 years. One of his main achievements was his theory on black holes that he later disproved himself. He spent his entire life dedicated to his love for science, research, theories and discoveries. 

I truly believe that his mind is what kept him alive and going, which led to him defying history and
doctors by living a further 50 years - One of the smartest people in the world, to date. Despite
his body failing him his mind kept going and he defied the odds.

Stephen Hawking always confused me when I was younger but after watching The Theory of Everything, I fell in love. Watching everything he had been through during his life and how he had proven everyone wrong. Discovering more throughout science than anyone had ever done, as well as battling personal obstacles. The love for his family and children truly fascinated me. How was one man capable of such a great deal. 

Unfortunately Stephen's journey came to an end the morning of today (14-3-2018). He was at his
home in London and died peacefully. The cause of death is yet to be released. 

A true inspiration Stephen. You will be truly missed. RIP
This is not my photo


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