The ultimate pamper routine

A task that I look forward to doing in the week, is pampering myself. I tend to do this once to twice a week depending on how busy I am. Giving myself a good treat and pamper session is something that needs to happen more often. A lot of people spend so much time focusing on what's going on in their lives and around them as well as focusing on other people, when they forget to treat themselves to some much needed self love. I came up with some tips and steps that I think everyone should do and follow to make their pamper routine a true one of a kind experience!

Make sure you have a comfy dressing gown or onesie. I prefer a thick cosy dressing gown, 
so you don't have to worry about taking everything off when you need the toilet! A thick, cosy, luxurious dressing gown can really make a difference. Having a hot drink and something to 
snack on is definitely a must for a pamper night. I like to have a hot chocolate or a cup of tea, alongside a crisp or chocolate type snack. At the minute I am loving the packets of mini 
breadsticks, and the bitesize cookie packets from Asda. 

Before I think about doing anything else with my night, I run a long hot bath. I love adding bath salts,
bubble bath and bath bombs from Lush (huge Lush haul coming soon). Dimming the lights and adding candles can make a world of a difference, not only to your bath but to your overall mood.

Showing your body and appearance some love is a must for a pamper routine. I love to shave
my legs to feel clean and refreshed as well as exfoliate. I have been loving using the Loreal
pure clay face masks and the Garner moisture bomb sheet masks.

Netflix, magazines and books is what truly makes a pamper night official. If I'm wanting to
watch something on Netflix, I usually gravitate towards friends or a chick flick. The magazine that I'm loving at the moment is the new Glamour beauty book! Anything simple and cosy.

To me a pamper routine is about relaxing and treating yourself to luxuries that you wouldn't
usually have. Unless you are a well put together person, then most likely you don't moisturise your
body daily or even weekly. In my pamper routine, I like to make sure that this is a step that I
don't miss. I use the Vaseline spray and go body lotion and moisture my body head to toe.

If your pampering session is a day long event, then take time to paint your nails. If I have the
time to paint my nails, I truly feel like I've accomplished something with my day!

Pampering yourself shouldn't feel like a chore or a burden to do once or twice a week. It should
be something that you look forward to doing and enjoy doing it. I like to pamper myself once to twice a week, especially when I've finished college and work placement. Pampering is a time to destress,
relax and take time out for yourself.

Take time out and stop focusing on work, relationships, deadlines or anything
that is stressful. Appreciate some much needed you time.


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