Christmas wish list - Blogmas day 7

These photos are not mine

Each year I have a list or ideas of gifts that I would like to receive for Christmas. I don't create a list to hand out to people because I expect it, more because others love gift giving as much as me. There are always items that I am lusting after that I can't justify spending my own money on, so at Christmas it's pretty easy to let people know what I would like to kindly receive!

Despite only watching friends for the first time a few years ago, I still am yet to watch every single
episode. I have longed for the complete box set in the white packaging for a long time. This
year it has finally made it onto my wish list. 

A brand I've always wanted to try out is Charlotte Tilbury. Her lipsticks are what catch my
eye the most and I am in love with the shade Kim K W.

Funko Pops have become all the rage this year, and since I'm not about all the gory figures I 
decided to find some that I might like. There are some 'friends' pops that I would like but 
unfortunately I can't find them. I did however find the Mean Girls cast! 

Being the converse lover that I am, I do already own a few pairs. However I have wanted the 
black and white original high tops, for the longest time. Obviously a wish list item.

Both a item on my Christmas wish list but also on my Boxing Day wish list. In the sales 
these go on sale for half the price, so I always try and get my hands on them then. Definitely 
get your moneys worth.

A must have for every Christmas. The classic snow fairy bubblegum scent is back. 
Without this Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas.

Light box - £15
I've wanted a light box since they became the 'in' thing. To be honest I mainly want one
so I can use it in the backgrounds of blog and Instagram photos.

Starbucks pink tumbler 
Every year Starbucks release a range of mugs throughout the year but my favourite is the
Christmas range. Last year they bought out a pink glitter tumbler and this year I am yet to see
their range. However I am still desperate to get my hands on a pink glitter tumbler! 

An updated and more pigmented version of the much raved about past palette, than I still have 
yet to try. What is better than a newer and better version of something you already want.


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