Gifts for couples - Blogmas day 8

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Couples are my favourite people to buy gifts for at Christmas. Not only do you get away with 1 conjoined present, but also gives me the opportunity to really search for gifts that they are going to love. Some people find this the opposite and struggle finding couple gifts, which is why I've found great joy in doing a gift guide for couples blog post. To be honest, it's mainly hampers!!

Retro sweets hamper 
There are so many couples I know, that love reminiscing about the past and what things used to be like. Especially my parents! For couples like them a retro sweet hamper makes a great gift. Not only is it a fun gift to receive because you can eat it, but also because they are sweets from their past.

For the couples whom don't like sweets or prefer a more elegant treat, a cheese and crackers or wine
hamper would be a great gift. It shows that you have put thought into the gift as well as giving others the opportunity to discover foods that they haven't tried.

Couples can often to be hard to buy for, but if they live together I find it much easier. An animal or themed door stop makes a great gift. Not only is it functional, but it is also cute to sit in your home.

Personalisation is my favourite at Christmas. I love to give the gift of something different. A
great gift for a couple would be a personalised picture frame. It could have their names and date
 they got together or married, with a picture of them in it. This is something that will last a
lifetime and will treasured truly.

Christmas is the time of year when I get to live my true self and engrave everything. I love to give people personalised gifts, especially with their name, date of birth of something special to them. My favourite is wine and pint glasses as everyone loves to drink and it makes it more unique to them.

I only recently found out about this, but you can now pay £18 a month and go and see as many films as you like. Obviously it's £18 per person for the month, but still would make a great gift to give.

A lot of couples tend to go out on date nights more when they first get together, but then slowly
get taken in my Netflix and takeaways. Getting someone a voucher to a restaurant, not only is
a great gift but also gives them the opportunity to have date night and time alone together
(especially if they have children!)


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