Millennial pink

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Millennial pink is the effortlessly beautiful colour of now. This is the perfect blush pink salmon
shade that pairs perfectly with every home ware item and makeup product there is. It is described
as a timeless fashion phenomenon shade and also known as 'tumblr pink'. 

It embraces the rose gold tones that has been super popular whilst being inspired by candy and 
 the classic rose quartz. Searching millennial pink on Google or using the hashtag on Instagram you are greeted with thousands of results trying to examine the specific colour and why it is so popular.

Millennial pink has well and truly become my favourite colour. Every shop and website I go onto
it is there, being the perfect shade that it is. So much so that I specifically go searching for it. The perfect eye candy. If you are a visual person and someone whom gets inspired by colours, shapes and sizes then use the hashtag #millennialpink on Instagram to get your creative juices flowing. 

What do you think of millennial pink?
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