Zoella saved my life

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Even just reading that title makes me cringe. How can a youtuber, whom I've never met save my life? After re-reading this I am aware that it doesn't make much sense and there is no pattern or reasoning behind it, but I wanted to share my story in case it helps other people whom are going through the same experience that I was going through. Nevertheless I hope it makes sense somehow.

To cut a long story short I have anxiety and depression, which you may know if you have been reading my blog for a while. Anxiety has very much become a social need, meaning that people glorify the condition and that it is the 'norm' to have, which is far from the truth. 

4 years ago Zoe uploaded a video to her YouTube channel talking about her experience with anxiety and panic attacks. This helped a lot of people become more aware of anxiety itself. The week this video went live I had several panic attacks, but I had no idea what they were. After watching this video I text my mom asking her what anxiety was and that it sounds like what I was going through.
After realising what I was going through, I started talking to a professional at a centre I was going
 to since I turned 2. Talking about my anxiety did help me but it wasn't until I was put on medication that I really started to notice a difference.

Overall this post makes absolutely no sense, but if Zoe hadn't of posted that video I genuinely don't think I would be here today or if I was my life would be a lot worse. To some of you this might
make no sense but to one of you it could be exactly what you have been going through.


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