Revlon youth fx

After spending way too much time on the Instagram explorer page, I stumbled across a video of a women using the new youth fx range from Revlon. Being determined I went on a search for it and decided to pick it up in Boots with a 2 for £14 offer that was available, and tried it out immediately. 

Out of the entire range I was most intrigued and curious about the fill and blur primer for the forehead. Not only because of the packaging but because it is targeted to the forehead only. The wand itself is very similar to a nail polish applicator, which helps this apply easily and smoothly to the face.
This is a different formula to a lot of primers I have tried and is more liquid than silicone based. When applied to the skin this feels very smooth and leaves your face feeling silky.

There are 2 primers in this collection, one being targeted towards the forehead and the other targeting the face and neck. This packaging is similar to a click and go concealer, where the product then comes out the top. This is a lot more silicone based and thicker on the skin. When testing this on the back of my hand I thought I would love it and work wonders on my skin. However when using this on my skin I found it to be very sticky and thick which foundation didn't apply evenly on top. Despite this being targeted as a primer and to be used underneath makeup, I think this would be more beneficial when applied and worn alone.

When I purchased the collection I didn't have high expectations for the foundation. My reasoning behind this was that foundations that come in this type of packaging tend to be a lot thicker and more cakey. I know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but when using this I knew I was right. I applied this the same way I apply all of my base products .. with a damp beauty sponge. This is the best way I have found for applying foundations as it gives a flawless finish. Sadly, this wasn't the case with this foundation. I found it very sticky, thick and heavy and it didn't blend well at all.

The last product out of the youth fx collection is the fill and blur concealer. This is a click and go concealer with a sponge applicator, very much like the Maybelline eraser eye concealer. This is my favourite out of the entire range as it is this feels very thin, has good coverage and applies evenly.
I haven't tried this under my eyes but I like to use it under my foundation to hide and blemishes or redness, where I know I need extra coverage.

Overall I was quite disappointed with this range. It is targeted towards making you look more youthful but in my opinion is does the opposite affect due to the thickness of a lot of the products. Out of the collection I am most impressed with the fill and blur concealer.

Have you guys tried out this range? If so
let me know what you thought in a comment below.


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