Matte lip prep.

With autumn now here glossy lips are out the window and matte lips are back! Personally I love glossy, satin lips not only because they look incredible but also because they feel comfortable on the lips. I love the affect of matte lips but the I don't appreciate the dryness that comes along with it.
As a result of this, I like to think that I have come up with the perfect matte lip preparation. 

The main thing when wearing matte lips is to make sure that you exfoliate, which is a step that most people skip out.This helps remove dry patches and flakes that you don't notice until you apply you lipstick. When it comes to finding an product to exfoliate your lips, Lush is the first place that comes to mind. They are all natural and come in a variety of scents/flavors. Mine is in the bubblegum scent. For best exfoliation apply the product with a new toothbrush and gently rub your lips, then wash off.

Despite having over 30+ lip balms, I don't moisturise my lips enough. You can use any lip balm/cream to hydrate your lips and give them moisture, but I like to use a thicker balm and leave it to sit on my lips for maximum hydration. I like to use the Nuxe nourishing lip balm or the La Maison lip butter. The more hydrated your lips are the easier the lip products will apply and look.

A key step in any lip preparation is to line your lips, especially if you are wearing a dark lip. Lining our lips helps make sure that the colour doesn't bleed out of your lip line, as well as give extra definition where your lipstick wouldn't. When lining your lips it is important to use a shade that either matches the lipstick or is 1 shade darker. If you don't have a perfect shade try using an invisible liner

There are so many matte lip products, ranging from crayons to liquid lipsticks. I like to use
MAC matte lipsticks or the Tanya Burr matte luxe liquid lips. These give the best pigment, lasting
power, feel comfortable on the lips whilst also applying super easily.


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