Autumn essentials 2017

I have been sharing my Autumn essentials with you all since 2014, so it was a no brainer when
it came to deciding whether or not I should do it this year. Autumn is my favourite season;
with the thick jumpers, fluffy socks, hot chocolate and cosy throw blankets.Nevertheless
here are my 5 essentials for the Autumnal season.

If you know me, then you'll know that I hate fire. This means that the candles I have never get burnt. After being kindly gifted some candles from friends and family I decided that it was time to start using them. My favourite is no 2 blackberry bay candle from Aldi. You've probably all heard of these by now, but they are a dupe for the Jo Malone candles which are much more expensive. This scent is perfect for Autumn as it still gives a sweet vibe to the room but also gives a warm cosy vibe that is perfect for this time of year with the colder months quickly approaching us. 

During the warmer months I like to have a brighter and more fun looking handbag. Not only to 
match the season but also because it jazzes up an outfit. Now that it is getting a lot colder, the jumpers and darker colours are coming out, which means I like to go for a more simple bag. I
found a classic black tote bag with gold studs on H&M for only £34.99 and I thought it was the perfect statement piece for Autumn that matches each look, but isn't super plain and boring.

Moisturising year round is key, but even more in Autumn and Winter because of the cold months drying your skin out. There are a few body moisturisers that I like but my favourite is the Vaseline cocoa butter spray and go body lotion, but I currently am using the essential healing original scent.. It has a light scent but the main factor is how easy it is to apply whilst not being sticky or applying too much product. With the spray application it also makes it easy to reach all areas of your body.

I have been wearing more eye shadow lately and always gravitate towards more warm tones.
This means that finding a perfect eye shadow palette for Autumn is super easy. My favourite to
use is the BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo eye and lip palette collaboration. There are 9 neutral shades
that help create any look ranging from everyday to a more dramatic smokey look.

After watching a decluttering video from Katie Snooks and seeing her love for the Sleek true colour barely there lipstick, I decided to pick it up and try it for myself. Although Autumn and Winter is the time for dark, bold lipsticks I still like to stick to nudes which is why I love that this lipstick is the perfect shade for this time of year. This is a more dark toned nude with a hint of orange which
 makes it perfect for Autumn with the warm tones and fallen leaves.



  1. I've heard so much about the Aldi candles, i really want to try them! Great selection!

    1. Thank you! They smell incredible. I definetly want the reed diffusers too x