Insta contour sticks

It may have been years since Kim Kardashian blessed us with her pre-blended makeup routine,
where she shared with us what contouring was, but years later we are still talking about Kim being the queen of contour. Obviously contouring and sculpting out your face has been around much longer than when Kim shared it with us, but the past few years it has taken off and sent everyone crazy!

There are so many different products on the market for contouring whether that be high end, drugstore, cream or powder, the options are endless. Some of the newest additions to the high street are 3 cream contour sticks from Rimmel. I'm not a huge fan of cream products but I have started getting more into using them under my foundation, and wanted to give these a go.

These contour sticks are available in 3 different shades; light, medium and dark. Sometimes I use different shades in order to add extra defintion and shape to my face. These cream sticks are duo ended so apart from being able to contour with them, you can also use the opposite end to highlight. I found that the quality and pigmentation of the highlighter to be quite poor. There was, really, no visible pay off, meaning that the highlighter was pretty pointless in my opinion. 

Despite the highlighter being a letdown, I was impressed with the quality and creaminess of the contour shades. They applied and blended easily and were also easy to build up for the desired look. 
When it came to swatching the dark shade the contour stick just snapped off within the slightest touch, which was upsetting as I hadn't even tried them at this point and it can't be fixed. 

Overall I like the quality of the contour sticks and the shades, however if I were to finish one I most likely wouldn't repurchase it, as I don't use the highlighter, the packaging was a minor let down and I have tried better. This can be found in Boots for £6.99.


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