Jelly and Gelato

Jelly and Gelato ... doesn't that sound absolutely delicious! This is Zoella Beauty's latest launch, and
possible my most favourite. I have tried a handful of Zoe's products, but after seeing this range I knew I had to have the entire range. I don't know if the packaging or the scent was what immediately drew me in, but the products are just as incredible. One of the best things about Zoella Beauty is that they are cruelty free and are against testing on animals, meaning this is even more worth while.

Zoe has previously released similar products to the bath wafers, called bath fizzers. These are 
essentially a more dense version of a bath bomb. The original bath fizzers contain 4 cubes, where the
wafers contain 2 large triangles. You can split these up into smaller sections for more baths and more bubbles and even more nourishing. 

Shower sauce is 1 of 2 body washes in this collection. This is the more traditional shower
gel out of the 2. This is super creamy and lathers up nicely with a sweet scent.

The second body wash in this collection is the shower shake. This has a more creamy and 
moisturising texture compared to the traditional shower sauce formula. If you are looking for a
fantastic and unique formula but also super cute 'milkshake' like packaging, then this is for you!

The bath frosting is my favourite out of the collection. This is enriched with moisturising milk,
which gives the bath a milky white colour, leaving your skin feeling super nourished and healthy.

Other than the body pudding sounding delicious I was surprised upon opening to see small pink beads mixed in with the cream. This leaves your skin with a soft silky finish as well as a light fragrance enriched with Elderflower and Pomegranate. 

The cream body scrub was the product from the collection that I was weary of. How can this be labelled as a body scrub but have cream in the name. I was proven wrong. This doesn't over
exfoliate leaving your skin feeling sensitive and adds the perfect amount of moisture to the body.

Zoe has released 4 different body mists (3 which were permanent, 1 was limited edition) but has now
added another body mist to the range. This has an opaque bottle rather than the classic design. 
As this is a body mist it has a lighter scent than a perfume, whilst not being too light.

With every collection there is a new beauty bag. This is one of the larger bags out of her range, 
with a contrast of mint and pink. The fabric of the bag allows it to be wiped and cleaned easily,
from any spillages. This is also large enough so it can be used and folded over (as intended) or
with the zip at the top for large products.

Bath wafers - £5
Shower sauce - £5
Shower shake - £6
Body pudding - £8

These products are available at Superdrug and Feelunique. 

Let me know what you think if you
have tried these out in a comment below.


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