How I got Princess hair

Every time I have my hair down in person, I always get loads of compliments and questions about how long it is, how I got it this long and what do I do. Since having long hair has always been a desire for not only me but many young girls and women, I thought I would share how I got my 'Princess hair' and my general hair care routine to possibly help you get healthier and longer hair.

The shortest I've had my hair was shoulder length but that was when I was in primary school at age 4. When I started high school, it was longer but still significantly shorter than it is now. Back then it was to my collar bones, but it was in fashion to backcomb it and have really short layers put in, which made your hair look shorter that it was. Eventually my layers grew out but right up until I was 16 I backcombed my hair at least 5 times a week. I didn't backcomb it as much as I originally did but, it was still really damaging my hair and making some of my hair fall out.

When I noticed that the left side of my hair at the front was getting thinner, I knew I had to stop and start treating my hair better. Thankfully when all of this happened it was when I left high school and started college, meaning I didn't have a need to do my hair as often and when I did, it wasn't to such an extreme helping for my hair to grow and repair itself.

One of the main things I did was use shampoos that were targeted towards growth or repairing damaged hair. I also started using conditioner every time I washed my hair, and more hair masks/treatments. The main thing that helped my hair to grow was the Lee Stafford for hair that doesn't grow past a certain length treatment, as well as going from washing my hair every other day to now only washing it once to twice a week. This might sound like it wouldn't be that beneficial for your hair, but in fact it helps your hair to stay nourished as you aren't stripping it of it's natural oils.

My main tip other than hair treatments is to make sure that your are using as little amount of heat on your hair as possible. I don't straighten my hair and have only curled my hair a handful of times in my life. Since only washing my hair a few times a week I also don't dry it often, and just leave it to air dry. It is also important to remember that I don't dye my hair. I have had highlighters and dip dyed ends before, but nothing that is still in my hair, illuminating more damage from dyes and bleach.

1. Don't backcomb your hair to extreme
2. Don't dye or bleach your hair
3. Find a shampoo that targets your hair type and properties 
4. Wash your hair once or twice a week (as little as possible)
5. Illuminate using heat on your hair or use rarely
6. Brush hair everyday to avoid tangles and further damage
7. Get your hair trimmed every 2-3 months to avoid split ends
8. Use oils and masks/treatments on your hair to add extra moisture
9. Make sure to use a comb or wet brush when hair is wet
10. Keep your hair care routine as simple as possible but still effective


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  1. My hair length is similar to yours and i always get comments too. But i am getting it cut next week!
    Great tips!