My favourite Tanya Burr products

I have been following Tanya Burr for at least 5 years now, and I was so proud of her when
she released her beauty range and her books. At first I wasn't that keen in her collection as
it was mainly nail polish, lip gloss and false eyelashes, which I don't use often, but when she
started to add in cheek products, eye shadow palettes and even lip sticks I started to become
more aware of the brand and what Tanya is inspired by for creation.

So far to date I have all of the eye shadow palettes, cheek products and lipsticks which is nearly all that is available from the brand. I absolutely love everything that she releases but I definetly have my favourites and more loved products. Before getting into the individual products I just wanted to mention that all of her products are under £15 and can be found in Superdrug or at Feelunique.

This palette was one of the first eye shadow palettes to be released, and is one of my favourites
 that she has ever created. When Tanya announced it's release and did a makeup tutorial using 
this palette I started to recreate it every time I wore makeup. This is the perfect gold, iridescent Cleopatra inspired palette.

The most recent collection that Tanya released included 3 new tinted lip balms with fruit inspired
scents. My favourite out of the 3 is the blackberry coulis lip balm. Not only does this smell 
incredible, but it also gives a sheer tint to the lips that is nourishing and smooth when applied.

New to the beauty range are some illuminating powders. I love all 3 of these but my favourite
out of them is in the shade champagne sorbet. This shade is the most highlighter based out of them
all, due to the light gold radiance running throughout the powder. This looks incredible when
used on the high points of the face, but also when lightly dusted over the chest and collar bones.

Just after my birthday I decided to treat myself to the all of the lipsticks that had been released
at the time. I don't gravitate towards lipsticks a lot as I have never found the right shade and 
formula all in one, that was until I found bear hug. First of all the name is so cute that it makes me
want to wear it even more. The lipstick itself is super moisturising which is what I look for most
in a lipstick, but is also a peachy nude that is great for everyday wear.

After initially hearing the name of this palette I knew I had to purchase it and that I would love
it, just as much as I did the Hollywood palette. This palette contains the perfect warm toned
neutral shades that also has a glitter, helping transform the look from day to night.

This eye palette is one of the newest that Tanya has released. I would describe this as a rose
 gold holiday inspired palette, with 4 copper/gold shades that includes a matte brown for 
defining the crease and lower lash line for extra dimension.

Cream products are something that I have never enjoyed because I have normal to dry skin. 
Despite this I still purchased both cream contour sticks, and tried them underneath my 
foundation. This helps give  more defined shape to my face but looks natural as it is
blends easily underneath my foundation.


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