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I've been putting of doing this post since March as tattoos are a very controversial thing, but since this is my blog and I can talk about whatever I want I thought it was about time that I shared with you guys what tattoos I have so far. I also put off doing this post as I can't seem to get any good photos of my tattoos after they have healed, so I have had to compromise and settle for the 'just done' photos that are very red and are taken at a slightly odd angle (mainly the roman numerals).

I have always grew up around people with tattoos so it has always been normal for me. I knew 
that as soon as I turned 18 I wanted to get some done. As my step-dad does tattoos I decided I 
wanted to get 3 done in one session as it was just easiest. 

The tattoos I got are personal to me but also don't have a lot of meaning. If I like something enough to get a tattoo of it I don't feel like it has to have a sentimental meaning behind it.

I decided to get a flaming on the back of my ankle, as I loved flamingos when I was younger and think that they are a beautiful animal. This is also my only colour tattoo so far and will be one of few. I have 46-74-99 in roman numerals on my hip as this is the year my nan, mom and I was born. The last tattoo I have is the word 'love' in calligraphy on my back. This is placed just below my bra strap on the right side of my body. I have this for a variety of  reasons but mainly because I love the word.

On a pain scale of 1-5 I'd say the flamingo was a 2/5, the love was a 1/5 and the roman numerals on my hip was a 4/5 as it was directly on the bone. Since writing this post I have also got another small tattoo, which is a t-rex on my ankle. You might be wondering why and so am I but it was fun and I decided to get it. This was a pain of 2/5-3/5 as in some places it was painful but overall it was fine.

Do you have any tattoos? Let me know
in a comment down below.


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