New MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters

My name is Lea and I am a highlighter addict. I own way too many highlighters for 1 person. How could I possibly use them all. The answer is I can't. If you have been reading my blog posts for a long time then you might be familiar with my love and reviews on the MUA undress your skin highlighters that can be found in Superdrug for just £3. I check the Superdrug website quite often to see if they have more. I realised recently that there are many more which means a new review!

Looking at these I do question myself as to why I bought red and blue highlighters. Like
when am I actually going to wear them? I probably wont but as they were only £3 I thought
 it would be cool to try them, even if they're not as wearable.

The quality and pigment pay off for these are incredible especially when you consider the price and how accessible they are. There is 9 shades (I have 10 but 1 was discontinued) available in a range of colours which means that there is bound to be a shade that is suited for what you like and your skin tone. When applied to the skin they aren't a glittery highlight and they don't leave your skin looking cakey. Instead they add a sheen to the high points of your face and add a radiant glow.

My favourite shades are pink shimmer, iridescent gold and peach diamond.

Pink shimmer
Iridescent gold
Pearlescent sheen
Peach diamond
Golden scintillation
Radiant cashmere
Golden afterglow
Opalescent amber - unavailable
Ice sparkle
Rosewood glimmer

Let me know which is your favourite
in a comment below.


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