Why we all wish to go back to primary school

Primary school ... oh those were the days. You started of eating sand and playing in dirt and left unaware of what the world had in store for you. At the time you probably hated primary school and school in general but looking back, you realise how easy and simple it all was. There are many reasons we all wish to go back, from the dinner time puddings to the fake marriages at lunch.

1. Making friends was so much easier. Nobody judged each other and there were no clicks. 
Everyone got on (pretty much) and knew who each other was.

2. That look you would give your best friend when the teacher asked you to find a partner.

3. Getting food themed rubbers and scented highlighters for your school work.

4. Playing kiss chase at lunch was, somewhat, acceptable.

5. Finding out that you were nominated to be on the school council which meant
that you got out of class for "meetings".

6. Reaching year 6 and realising it's your time to sit on the chairs at the back.

7. Singing "give me oil in lamp, keep me burning" and shouting "hallelujah really loud.

8. "Good morning Mr Smith and everybody else".

 9. Getting to play dodge ball without the boys being aggressive and feeling like
you've nearly been killed.

10. Not having to do swimming.

11. Having Friday fun day.

12. Thinking non-school uniform days were the death of you and your social life.

13. Going home straight after school to practice the dances to the macarena, 
cha cha slide and the fast food song on the dance party cd.

14. Wet play.


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