Dry Shampoo and Conditioner?

Hearing the word conditioner in connection with dry shampoo scared me. I am terrified of 
having greasy hair, which is one of the reasons I use the Batiste dry shampoo. So when I saw
that Batiste had come out with a 2 in 1 invisible dry shampoo and conditioner I thought I'd give
it a go but I didn't have any expectations. If I am completely honest one of the main reasons that I bought this was because the packaging was so eye catching. They have 3 scents available and I
 chose the orange and pomegranate.

First of all lets talk about the packaging. I don't know what it is about the packaging but I love it so much! I think it is possibly the unique design in combination with the bright colours. I also love the scents that they have available. There is; orange and pomegranate, cocoa and cashmere and also vanilla and passion flower. Who ever created these scents ... congratulations!!

Ok so my first impression of this did not leave me impressed. I found that compared to the original dry shampoo it didn't do anything to my hair. In fact I'd say it made my hair look more greasy. I have tried this since and I still don't love it as much as the original. This claims to give 18 hour condition to the hair which I do agree with as my hair was left feeling super soft and silky. 

Overall I wouldn't use this as a dry shampoo but instead I would use this as a volume spray to give some lift to the roots and add volume to my dull flat hair, and I would recommend trying this out of you want more volume and texture. These can be found in Boots and Superdrug for around £4.49. 


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