Morning Skincare Essentials

After watching, reading and even writing skincare routines I have come to the conclusion that
they are boring. Yes it's nice to watch people apply their makeup, because they can do different
 looks and styles, but seeing someone put on the same skincare is pretty dull. I wanted to share
 my updated skincare routine with you, but in a different way than a routine. So I decided to
share it by showing my essentials. This is my morning skincare must haves, and next will be
evening must haves.

Nothing is worse in the morning than feeling all dirty, so I like to use a spray toner from 
Lush because it is quick and easy but also refreshing. I like to use the tea tree toner because it 
helps with spot prone skin.

To help waken me up I use a cucumber eye gel that I purchased from Boots. 
This aims at de-puffing your under eyes and reducing the look of dark circles.

In the mornings I try to keep away from heavy products, so instead of using a oil I like
to use a serum. The one I love is from Nspa and is a radiant flash serum. This helps to give the
appearance of a longer night sleep by adding a natural glow and radiant look to the skin.

Moisturising is key but I hate the feel of a thick moisturiser on my skin in the morning. At
Christmas I bought the whole glam lot from Soap and Glory which came with the all day speed
plump moisturiser. I use this every morning and even sometimes at night. This gives a youthful 
and healthy glow along with energising and refreshing the skin.

Share your morning skincare essentials 
in a comment down below.


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