Evening Skincare Essentials

If you read my last post, which was my morning skincare essentials, then you will know that I am starting to find skincare routines quite boring and repetitive. However I still wanted to share the products I am using with you, so I have decided to show my essentials which I love to use. Make sure you check out my morning essentials before reading what evening skincare essentials are.

Since I don't really wear makeup a lot anymore, check out my reason why here, it means I don't have a really in depth skincare routine. I start of by cleansing my face with the garnier oil infused miceller water, which helps get off all the excess dirt of your face even if you haven't wore makeup.I like the refresh my skin with the Lush tea tree toner which is the same as what I use in the morning.

I like to use the same eye gel at night that I do in the morning to help depuff my under eye circles. Then I like to go in with an eye cream to help keep my under eyes nourished and moisturised.

At night I prefer using an oil, as it adds extra hydration to the skin. The oil I have been loving at the moment is from nuxe and sinks into the skin quickly and leaves your skin feeling super soft. To make sure my skin doesn't get dry and just to add in some extra hydration, I finish of by using the aveno daily moisturising lotion. I only use a small amount of this, so my skin doesn't get too oily.


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