Handbag Essentials

There is something so satisfying about looking what is in other peoples bags. I like to think it's because I'm curious of the unknown, but it's just because I'm nosey!! Some of my favourite videos to watch are what in my bag videos, but I find they get repetitive after a few. Instead of sharing what is in my bag, not only because there's nothing in there but also because I've done one previously, I thought I would share my handbag essentials and what I keep on me at all times.

I hate having things rattling around loose in the bottom of my bag so I like to keep everything in makeup bags. I prefer clear makeup bags, because when you are in a rush it helps you find
everything so much easier and quicker! Trust me...you will thank me later!

My number 1 thing to have on me at all times is deodorant. I like the Nivea invisible spray deodorant because it's quick to use and doesn't leave any marks on your clothes. I also like to keep the perfume I am wearing that day on me as a top up. Not only for hygiene purposes but also because if you are having a busy day and sweating a lot, it can help mask the smell of bad odors.

Getting new shoes is one of many peoples favourite hobbies, but leaving the house in a new pair can often lead to blisters, which ruins everyone's day. I used to use compeed blister plasters, but with all the walking and blisters, they started to become expensive. I found some in wilkinsons which are much cheaper and work just the same. Something else that will ruin everyone's day is getting a headache or falling ill throughout the day. This is why I keep a tin filled with ibuprofen and paracetamol on me at all times, especially since I get headaches a lot. Small tip, cut them into the correct amount e.g. I take 2 at a time which is how I cut each strip so it's easier! 

Living in the UK, weather tends to be quite crazy. So crazy that we had a storm yesterday! This is the main reason I like to keep a hair bobble and hair grips with me, but also because my hair never agrees with me and tends to do whatever it wants! This also means that a lot of the time I have to carry a mirror with me to make sure I have no fly-away's or frizzy hair!

Having a pet seems all fun and games until all of your clothes are covered in their hair. For me I wear black jeans most days, but I have a white dog. This leads to me needing a lint roller way more than I'd like to admit! They come in handy a lot more than you realise, especially if you are a messy person.

Eating healthy is something I have always struggled with, but buying 3 chocolate bars at the shop because they're on offer isn't good for you. I've started carrying around some brunch bars from Cadbury. They aren't as healthy as fruit but they are better than crisps or cake. I love these because they still have chocolate in them, and they have oats which means they taste a lot like a flapjack.

What is your number 1 essential you
have to have in your handbag?


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