February Favourites

I swear I say it every month but this year needs to slow done. After this month we'll already have done 1/4 of this year! This month was quite hard to think of favourites and things that I've been loving, but I managed to pull a few things together to share with you. This month is different because I haven't even wore makeup once, not even on Valentines day, so there isn't any makeup products but it's more of a lifestyle, general themed favourites! 

My number one favourite this month is my mesh grid with inspirational cards on. I've been seeing these everywhere but didn't want to spend £20+ on some metal. Thankfully my step dad got hold of some from work and made it for me. I decided to hang it above my desk with postcards from Paperchase, that have quotes or pretty pictures on to inspire and motivate me to work harder. 

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate my nails. The past 2 1/2 years I've been getting my nails done but I have never fell in love with a colour combo more than this one. I love it so much I have had it 3 times now! These are called naturally beautiful and the whimsical wanderer, which are both from ibd. 

At Christmas I got a miniature Philip Kingsley elasticizer in my beauty advent calendar. I had heard so many things about this and how amazing it was for your hair, so I had very high expectations for it. This month I finally tried it out and managed to squeeze 2 uses out of it for my hair length. I have never found a hair product that I've seen immediate results from and that has made my hair so soft. In fact I love this so much, there will be a review coming very soon! 

Out of all of the monthly favourites I've done I don't think I have ever featured a food or snack item. I have been loving the Starbucks mozzarella, tomato and pesto baguettes and their mango and passion fruit smoothies, but if I featured them it meant that I would have to go and buy one which means I have to fund my habit even more. Instead I want with my second favourite food this month, which is jelly tots. Ever since Christmas when my mom bought me some I have been obsessed. I've had more packs than I'd like to admit, but they are just so small, cute, delicious and they remind me of my childhood!

The only beauty product I have enjoyed this month is the NSPA ever youthful eye cream. I picked this up from Asda after finishing my previous pot. I have never noticed a difference with eye cream, I mainly like to use it to prevent aging and help my concealer go on smoother (when I decide to wear any!). I love to use this at night as it is super moisturising and sinks straight into the skin.

What are your favourites this month?


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