MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters

If you have been a long time reader of my blog then you will know that I have a huge love for the MUA undress your skin highlighters. I recently noticed that they had came out with some more shades and I managed to get my hand on 3 out of 4. Since ordering they have also came out with another shade, which I will pick up along with the other one I have missed. Highlighters are a huge craze in the makeup and beauty industry, and MUA is a brand which needs more hype!

MUA is a super affordable brand that can be found in Superdrug or on their website. I haven't tried a lot of their products but their undress your skin shimmer highlighters are something that I swear by. I already have 3 in the shades; pink shimmer, iridescent gold and opalescent amber (unavailable) and decided to pick up the 3 more that were available and also new in the shades; golden scintillation, golden afterglow and rosewood glimmer.

The shades I picked up are more warm and rose gold toned that I can't wait to wear in the summer time. I love these highlighters so much not only because they are £3 but also because they have amazing shades that suit a variety of different skin tones and apply smoothly on top of the cheeks.

There is also 2 more highlighters in the shades radiant cashmere which is a light rose gold highlight that looks beautiful with a warm toned eye look and pearlescent sheen which is a white highlight that would look great on people with fair and porcelain skin tones.



  1. Love these! I picked up one a few months back but wasn't expecting much as it was £3 but I loved it!

    Claudia |

    1. They're my favourite! I can't wait to pick up the shade pearlescent sheen x