Makeup Bag Must Haves

Despite not actually carrying around a traditional makeup bag that is full of makeup, there are still essentials that I like to have with me throughout the day if I am wearing makeup. My makeup bag is more of a, what I like to call, mom bag. It's full with everything you need, including plasters, tablets, hair brush, deodorant and even a lint roller. So I don't usually carry around any makeup items with me, but I decided I would show you the must haves I carry with me when I do have them with me.

Nothing is worse than half way through the day you can see a spot coming through or you foundation has rubbed off around your nose. If you carry foundation with you and keep layering that on top, it will very quickly become cakey and thick. To avoid this but still be able to touch up your makeup, use a concealer that is light weight but gives a good coverage. I like to use the Revlon colourstay.

If you base starts to fade and and wear away, and you have already touched up with concealer you want to make sure that it stays in place for as long as possible, which is why powder is a good option. I like to use the Maybelline fit me powder as it is thin but it doesn't go patchy later on. This is also good because it comes with a small powder puff in the compact which is good for on the go, but I also like to take a brush with me just in case. This one is the Real Techniques bold metal number 100 which is the arched powder brush. I like this as it is super soft and great at blending in products.

Sometimes we all get a bit spontaneous and decide to do things on a whim, but don't always have time to go and freshen up. One of the main things that make a difference is your lashes and eyebrows. Simply adding some definition and depth to your brows and eyelashes can make the biggest difference. I like to carry around a mascara from Soap and Glory which can add definition and a tinted brow mascara from Maybelline for some depth and shape. 

Since getting the Soap and Glory sexy motherpucker lip gloss in the shade rose and shine, I knew that it would be great to carry around with me. It is such a light but beautiful shade that it can be worn with any makeup look, and as it is such a light shade you can apply this without a mirror. This is also not sticky which is perfect for day-to-day, and it plumps your lips which just makes this even better.


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